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laptop - website developed by kristen renfro
website design by kristen renfro

The Project

Website Design and Development

G.O.T. Systems is an amazing tech company based out of Kansas City. They create software and business management solutions for grocery stores across the country. Their team is so fun to work with – I loved creating their new webiste for them. 

When this project began, they had an existing website that was created in-house, and it was no longer meeting their needs from a marketing standpoint. 

I created a formal style guide for their brand – including complementary colors to their existing logo, and font pairings. This gave them a more cohesive look overall, which is really what they were lacking with the old site. 

With the addition of more customer content, testimonial videos and product-specific contact forms, G.O.T.’s website has been a great point of contact for new and existing customers.

Visit Their Site gotsystems.net

Solution Showcase

Accessible Product Info

The biggest difference between their old site and their new site, from a content perspective, was the addition of seperate pages for all of their products/solutions, along with customer resources like training guides. This gave them a way to show off their products and provide support for their customers on the same page. 

image of a product page designed by kristen renfro
image of a homepage designed by kristen renfro