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Garment House

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  • Online liquor sales
  • Local to-go orders only
laptop - website developed by kristen renfro
website design by kristen renfro

The Project

Restaurant – Online Ordering

The awesome team at Garment House faced a critical issue when COVID-19 hit and the city and surrounding areas were put under quarantine – they had no online ordering system to support their business. 

Their General Manager, Josh Dobson, reached out to me with an urgent request: create an online ordering system as fast as possible.  

In a week’s time, I was able to design, develop and launch an extension of their existing site that would support not only curbside to-go food, but also beer, liquor and convenience store items so that Garment House could support their community in ways beyond their regular business model. 

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A Timely Solution

Design in the time of covid

As someone who once worked in the service industry, I knew that this site was going to be integral to keeping Garment House’s operations going during quarantine. Online ordering and curbside options are critical in the age of social distancing.

It was a long week of early mornings and late nights, but it was well worth it to help support this business and their community. 

Restaurants and the hospitality industry are among the hardest hit financially during a pandemic, especially COVID-19. Even with restrictions in place after quarantine was lifted, online ordering has proven to be a reliable revenue stream for Garment House and other restaurants alike, as many are still choosing to forego dining in, and order takeaway instead.

online ordering page of website designed by kristen renfro
home page screenshot of website designed by kristen renfro