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Buckleup School

Website Design and Development


  • WordPress Site
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  • Live chat integration
  • Online registration
laptop - website developed by kristen renfro
website design by kristen renfro

The Project

Website Overhaul/Redesign

Hands down, one of my favorite sites to redesign is the site I created for BuckleUp School in Lawrence, KS. This amazing family owned business had an outdated site that wasn’t mobile friendly, and with the launch of their new online classes, they needed a digital makeover. 

I created a site for them that matched their existing branding (their old site did not) and organized their content in a more navigable way. This has made signing up for classes, finding resources and learning about the curriculum easier for their students. 


Visit Their Site buckleupschool.com

A Tool for Business and Students

Versitile Design

 This site not only helps BuckleUp School collect registration forms for their in-person and online classes and accept tuition payments, but it allows their students to access additional resources from verified sources, learn the details about their curriculum, get to know the staff and choose classes from their upcoming schedule. It’s proven to be an excellent tool for them and their students. 

image of a contact page designed by kristen renfro
image of a homepage designed by kristen renfro